Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Action to Help Congress Fund the Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization Act!

Help Improve School Food Across the USA!
There is a very important piece of federal legislation in the works that will improve the nutrition standards and funding for WIC and school food in America. Congress is trying to find fund to pay for the Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization, and it is VERY important that we push them to fund the changes in this revised law or they will extend the current law which is partially responsible for the sorry state of our drastically underfunded and unnutritious school food programs in most of the country. While the revised law is not as great as some of us would like, it is considered to be much better than what we currently have and will add additional funding to school food and try to increase the amount of fresh foods in school meals. Please click this link for  a way to take action on this issue!

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