Friday, June 4, 2010

Michelle Obama launches Chef to School Initiative! - the quick update

An incredible day at the white house. Hundreds of chefs gathered on the white house lawn to commit to improving school food in our country and helping to change the culture of food one kid, one school and one district at a time. Michelle Obama spoke eloquently and with true understanding and belief about this initiative to get chefs into our nations schools and inspire kids to grow, cook and eat fresh healthy foods.White House Assistant Chef, Sam Kass is seated next to her. He has been the driving force behind many of the food related initiatives at the white house.

The day was filled with very good speeches from important figures in the food world. I'll post with a lot more detail soon, but wanted to give you a glimpse, since I just returned home to my laptop (had to travel very light). Important talk about the childhood nutrition act, which is up for re-authorization, how to work effectively with schools and kids, and how to make small changes given the enormous obstacles food service directors face when they try to serve healthy food for less than $1 per meal.

Washington Post Article on today's event
Michelle Obama's Speech (transcript)
New Haven Register Article

Me and Chef Tim, New Haven Chefs Rocking the White House!!
Just a few of the chefs gathered on the lawn in the heat. Checking out the beautiful organic garden.


  1. tagan! what a very cool experience...and so important. so glad to be a parent in the NHPS system.

  2. What do you expect to eat for a dollar or even two, Senators? It's time to put our money where our mouths are on this or at least where our children's mouths are! Thanks to you and Tim for "Representin' us from New Haven! ".