Monday, June 21, 2010

Brooklyn Playground and The Moxie Spot

Ok, I didn't get to take many good pictures of this crazy and fun new brooklyn playground and water park on a recent trip to the city, but that's because it was really hot and lots of fun, so not much photo snapin' went on. Fun, new, and there is a little food find in here too...

The never ending development of Brooklyn, responsible for some cool stuff, and also lots of unfortunate developments of the borough pushing out most of the non-wealthy folk and making room for lots of the rich manhattanites looking for more squarefootage for their millions, has actually yielded something cool: the new playgrounds at Pier 6. Follow Atlantic Ave all the way to the water on the edge of Carrol Gardens/Brooklyn Heights, and you will find a brand new place to play unlike any other in NYC, or any where for that mater. This new spot is divided into four different play areas, each enclosed in a fence, and each a different world, one water, one sand, one crazy climbers, one swings and undulating ground. The boulders in the water area could use a railing here and there to guide kids up and down, and the very sharp gravel surrounding the water area was certainly chosen for it's look, not it's function, but if you are anywhere nearby, it is worth a visit, no mater what your age.

Here is a link to a brooklyn blog post on it: The Pier 6 playground

On our way out, we were very hungry, and didn't know if we would get the kids up as far as the Yemen Cafe or Damascus Bakery, both of which are very close if your legs are longer than a 6 year-old's. But, just one block up from the water on Atlantic was a place called "The Moxie Spot". Made for kids and families, it is a diner type menu with lots of cheap sides to pull together a healthy kids meal (rice $1, black beans $1, edamame, dumplings etc) also, organic milk, grassfed beef burgers and lots of other good stuff. The prices vary depending on the dish, and you get to hang out in a fun space with lots of toys, cartoons on the flat screens, books, and if you are lucky, a disco going on upstairs.

Any good spots in your hood you care to report on?