Saturday, March 16, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set....Pie Party 2013

Time to get ready for another Pie Party. That's right, all pie, all night. Savory, sweet, traditional or inventive, a bunch of friends will be arriving later today each with a pie in hand and we will dig in and enjoy.

My inspiration for a Pie Party came from my fabulous sister who lives up in Northampton, MA. She held her annual Pie Party last weekend, with over 100 people...tons of pies, awards (like the one on the left) for things like the best pie name, best chocolate pie, best pizza pie, etc... Our party is much smaller and a little lower key...but we love the chance to get creative with pie. So far I've made a blueberry cardamom pie, and some lemon curd for my son's pie invention. I'll post pictures and final recipes post party. 

If you want to get a glimpse, here are some pics from our last Pie Party in 2011....

...and if you are wondering about my infatuation with pie...check out my How to be a Pie Ninja class. 

The stakes are a little higher this year, as my friend James is coming and I have just discovered that in his 45 years, despite having a sweet tooth, the man has never, ever eaten pie! He's a pie virgin, a pie hater....can he be converted to the world of pie?

Challenge accepted!

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