Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bringing 'New Haven Cooks' to WIC Offices

photo credit: Uma Ramiah
Finally after a year of waiting for some logistical issues to be worked out, New Haven Cooks/Cocina New Haven is finally getting out to all of the New Haven WIC (Women Infant and Children) offices, and I get to go with it! WIC offices provide low income women and children with food assistance and nutrition education. The cookbook that I poured my heart into for a year and half through an incredible CitySeed project funded by the CT Department of Public Health is a bilingual community cookbook with a wide range of recipes all featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is packed with tons of other info on cooking and eating fresh foods and helping kids (and adults) eat more veggies. We packed so much info into this little book, that I just couldn't imagine dropping off hundreds of cookbooks to health centers with no instructions or info on how to use them. I gave so many months of donated time to finishing this book, and I just couldn't afford to do that any more, so, very lucky for me a wonderful local doctor and colleague of mine donated a small amount of money to help make this process happen.

Starting last month 400 copies of New Haven Cooks have been delivered to each of the New Haven WIC offices, as well as 2000 copies through wellness initiatives in the public school system. I have had the wonderful opportunity to do a 45 minute workshop with each group of people who will be giving out the cookbooks, and trying to engage their clientele in healthier eating habits. Having just this small amount of time to discuss with them the 100 or so community members and organizations that made this book possible, and the sections of the book with info on cooking fresh for the week, cooking with kids, local help with growing your own food, free and low cost places to exercise and more, truly helps to bring the book to life for these amazing community workers. It has been a thrilling month for me, and the connections with really positive people who will be helping to get the cookbook out to the community, is deeply satisfying. I look forward to the exciting work that is to come!

Thank you to Uma Ramiah, from the New Haven Independent for this article on 
my visit to the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center.


  1. Congratulations! Thank you for telling us about your inspiring work!

  2. Thanks! I keep hoping for more funding so that we can do more cooking workshops and classes....or a real community kitchen. some day....