Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seedling update

They are growing!!!
Marigold seedlings from seeds saved from the Edgewood school garden last fall. Great as a natural pesticide! Looks like the spinach seeds from last year are still alive and ready for planting directly into the ground. Got some organic yellow grape tomato seeds, and cucumber seeds to plant, and also some mammoth sunflowers to try out for this year. My son, a serious sunflower lover keeps running around saying " the sunflowers will be as tall as two papas!!!" lets hope!
If you want to start an organic home garden, check out your local nursery or garden center, lots of stores are now carrying organic or non GMO (non genetically modified) seeds. there are also many websites online where you can order seeds. You can also check your state cooperative extension program run through the state department of agriculture and usually hosted by a state university. They conduct soil testing and sometimes provide workshops for home gardeners. 
Local garden links:
Common Ground - open farm days, garden workshops and seedling sale
CT Northeast Organic Farming Association (CT NOFA) - gardening resources and workshops
New Haven Land Trust - community gardens
Master Gardeners program - gardening workshops and assistance

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