Thursday, March 2, 2017

A New Site - The Table Underground w/Tagan Engel

Announcing - New

The Table Underground w/ Tagan Engel
Digging deep into stories of food, race, 
radical love and creative social justice. 

Beautiful people, I am so grateful to each of you who reads and appreciates my posts and so enthusiastically celebrates the joys of good food, meaningful community and the importance of justice and equity in our world. As you may know over the past two years I have not been posting frequently on Tagan's Kitchen.  To say life has been full these two years is an understatement.  With the partnership of so many people over this time, I built a community kitchen at CitySeed, organized free community-based cooking classes all over New Haven, established a Food System Director position for the City and supported my family through many major life changes.  After nearly a decade of doing intensive community-led food justice and organizing work, I was ready for a few changes for the future.  My big focus is to bring more joy and balance into my life and to reinvent my food justice and community building work so that it is more manageable for the time I have to give and more creative in nature.  

Thankfully, I have found that when I listen to my heart and take a sometimes terrifying leap of faith into the unknown, my new path makes itself clear and I find answers to the question of "what's next?".  This time around I had a desire to start telling the story of the community I know and love... food folks and people working on community-building and justice work with radical love and deep creativity.  Quite unexpectedly the opportunity to start a bi-weekly radio show and podcast on our excellent community radio station WNHH Radio through the New Haven Independent news site...sort of fell in my lap, and I jumped on the chance.  Now, my usual mode of operation is to vision and plan long before starting a new project, especially something so public, but this time, I knew I just had to jump in and figure it out as I that's what I'm doing, and it's terrifying I mean thrilling. 

So, what this means for you all, my faithful Tagan's Kitchen readers, or those of you who may have just stumbled upon this site is that all of my future writing, podcasting and delicious photos will now be found on site. There are new podcasts, recipes, writing and tons of inspirational info on food and justice work in our world. If you are on the Tagan's Kitchen email list, you should start getting emails from The Table Underground very soon. If you are new to the site and want to sign up, just go to The Table Underground homepage, enter your email and click submit. 

The first 8 episodes of The Table Underground are up on the site as well as itunes and soundcloud. Links to a few of them are below. Check them all out as well as new recipes on the site and please spread the word!  Here's to more good food, radical love and creative social justice! - Tagan
Leah & Naima Penniman on the Heart of Community Building
The Sioux Chef (with Navajo Chef Brian Yazzie)
Radical Love Fuels Youth Activists


  1. Always glad to read your joyful food and community notes!

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