Thursday, December 15, 2011

Latkes and Doughnuts

The festival of lights and oil is nearly upon us; that once a year time for frying. While I eat a pretty healthy diet and don't generally promote fried foods, I do on occasion fry some platanos, or make some homemade eggrolls. I've tried pan frying these and find that deep frying in oil that is the right temperature actually produces a less greasy food, (I know it is hard to believe). While these days we generally need to minimize our fat consumption, Hanukkah is the one time of year when myself and many other Jewish people break out the oil and get frying.

Here is my recipe for LATKES (potato pancakes).
Here is my recipe for JELLY DOUGHNUTS.

If you want to get creative with your fried foods, you can make eggrolls with wonton or eggroll wrapers often found in the produce section of grocery stores and at any Asian market. You can make any filling you like: meat, vegetables, tofu, shredded cabbage and carrots with ginger...let your mind go... or search for recipes on line.

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!!

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