Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to Start Thinking About Growing Food Again

The piles of snow are finally starting to melt and tiny signs of spring are popping up out of the ground. This means it is time to start thinking about planting some seedlings (indoors) to be transplanted in our raised bed vegetable garden and pots. Like last year, I have some seeds left over that I will try and sprout again, and like last year, I have yet to order seeds from any of the lovely seed companies out there. 

If you are feeling inspired to plant some fruits or vegetables in your yard or in a pot or bucket on your stoop this year, check out this post from last year on starting seedlings.

If you want to start dreaming of building some raised beds, great for growing food in urban areas, check out this detailed post on building inexpensive raised garden beds.

And mostly, start dreaming of green, green and more green...spring is right around the corner...but probably covered in a dusting of snow before it fully explodes....

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