Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Visit to the Boulder Farmers' Market

When I say that my life revolves around food, I mean it literally. If I have the good fortune to travel somewhere the first thing I do is hunt down some local food. Could be a cool old diner, a search for a special local dish, a walk through a grocery store,  or my very favorite: a street market or farmers market. The day after the lovely wedding we attended in Boulder, CO there was a farmers' market, so I piled the family in the car and dragged all three of their tired selves through a fairly large and wonderfully bustling farmers' market. What I especially loved about this market was how it was organized with a main street of primarily produce, a side street of locally prepared and packaged foods, a side street of food made to order by local restaurants and businesses under tents with live music and seating, and a smattering of other great things throughout: flowers, balloon animals, face painting, knife sharpening, and lots and lots of bread. Not all markets have this wide assortment of things, and for the Boulder market it really seems to work well.

 tortilla factory treats and late summer watermellons
 produce and pizza oven
knife sharpening! what a great idea for a market stand, and very large bread!
 When you show up in a new place, ask people about the food there. If you walk into a gas station or a park, or a restaurant, try asking the people who work there about the food in their area. Is there something special the town is known for? Are there any open air or indoor markets? what is their favorite local restaurant, food cart or bakery? Everywhere you go there is a food adventure to be had, you just need to be hungry enough to find it.

please please share some of your food finds by commenting below!

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